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Cake party!

AMA08 Death Note
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Did I mention cake? I snagged big_danny_t's camera while he was off chasing skirt stealin' towels doin sumfin. I snuck in some pictures of my own and I really DO want a nice SLR sometime soon. Really I do.

'Cuz see? This looks awesome. And I want to make with more awesome.

P.S. I have cake

P.S. I have cake
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Graduation Shindig

Tomorrow I graduate. I am not freaking out. Not much.

So, tomorrow at like 4ish we're doing a post graduation dinner at Super King. And then afterwards partying like it's 1999 at my house. Anyone else game? I've gotten a bunch of bailings, so I should have plenty of room. (If you already answered the Gcal invite, you're exempt. But if you DO want to come, I need to know stuffs... SO, I makey the poll!

Poll #1188838 Graduation Shindig

Epic dinner at Super King?

Hells yeah!
Eff that. (and you)
I lack funds, sorry...
I'm out of town...

Post feeding party at mi casa?

I'll be there, with bells on.
What part of eff that and you on't you understand?
Like I said, out of town. At another graduation. WASHING MY HAIR!
Yes, and crash space plz?

And for my curiosity: sexy cap & gown pictures?

Ewwwww no!

It's caturday

We are concerned...
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...post some fucking cats.

Oh hey there new pretty

Cherry blossom branch
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Yeah...just...yeah. I'm a happy camper. I has new pretty and I got to see Lilli. it looks awesome. If I can snag a good job sometime soon, maybe I'll actually get the balls to get started on the big back piece.

Going home to Winchester this weekend. Well, not FOR the weekend, just saturday and Sunday morning. Then I come back to work like a madwoman on the collection, which can also be seen here.

I have Wed. and Fri. off this week and all of next week for spring break. Who's a wantin' to do somefin?

Epic Birthday Party

The Blowing
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It was awesome. Seriously. For once, a party I throw is actually attended by more people than I can count on one hand. And I got to hand it to my friends, youse all is awesum.

I want to thank everyone who came out and had fun. You guys really made my birthday perfect this year. Thank you so much.
I'm in his LJ, stealin' his polls. 'Cuz I'm cool like that you know.

Premise: Carl and I have run across a multitude of our acquaintances that seem to think that Carl and myself living together would have had disastrous consequences. Apparently us getting along like, well......ducks in water...kinda baffles people.

And we are in turn baffled by you.

SO, he posed the same question I do now. Feel free to answer his, mine, both or neither. (his is here, fyi) We are curious. getting-along-edness.

Poll #1142764 What kind of insanity is this?

What did you expect of the Carl/Megan combo?

Maddness and/or unholy terror. (ie. lose, fail, and suck)
Such sheer amount of awesome as untold in the tomes of lore.
You're the what with the who?
Who are Carl and Megan?

Are you ACTUALLY coming tomorrow?

Hell yeah!
Uh, no thx, you suck

IF YES to the above, do you plan on crashing here?

Bed plz
Not staying at the ArcticPalace OW Hotel


Pink slips

I'm going to be doing some serious cutbacks on the good 'ole Friends List this week.

If you think you might be on the cut list and want to stay, say something.
If you would rather me go ahead and take you off anyway, say something.
If you are who I think you are, or aren't, say something.
If you want to be somebody to me, say something.
If you want to patch things up, say something.
If you never want to hear from me ever again, say something.
If you love me, say something.

Pretty much....say SOMETHING.