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In a pickle, as it were

So I find myself in the sudden need for a roommate (or two perhaps), though this was not in my original plans. Carl got hired up in DC and is suddenly moving out next month. This leaves me with an empty room (or two if i put away the sewing crap) and a severely empty wallet. Seeing as how I still haven't been able to tie down some gainful employment, I've been panicking pretty much 24/7 as it was. Now I'm panicking while rowing down shit creek with with no paddle.

If you know anyone reasonable stable and/or sane that can pay rent, pleas send them to me. I have a three bedroom, with all kinds of fantastic amenities. (see here.)Plus a cat. With one person it would be 495 mo. plus utilities. Two roommates would be 331 mo. plus utilities. Pre-equipped with a fantastic kitchen, full living room, and A very desperate Megan.

Or if you know someone who might hire me despite my apparent DO NOT HIRE sign above my head.

Any love would be much appreciated, as my January is rapidly declining into a pile of suck.