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I has ur bukkit Mister Lolrus

This sums up moving.

Yard Sale (minus the yard)

So I suppose that would make it, what, a dining room floor sale? A Living room thrift store? Something like that.

I have a crap ton of random stuff that can't go with me on the move. I want to get rid of it. Maybe I can get a couple bucks for some of it. So I'm going to pretend that my living room/dining room is my lawn. Yard Sale!

Date(s): Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th.
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: My place, you should know where it is.
Stock: Shelves, books, clothes, magnets, shelves, lamps, shelves, tables, shelves, jewelry, posters, original art, big pile of random fabric, two small TV's (one with a VHS player), and in case I hadn't mentioned it before....shelves.

Come, visit me before I move, take some stuff, make me an offer I can't refuse. ('cuz really I can't say no to much right now)

DOA is Xtreme because they leave off the E

Hitomi - Unicorn
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I have the fabric sitting in my drawers, and the time to do it. And now that I sold off a bunch of old games, I even have the game to...."research" with.

Yeah, we'll call it research.

Birthday party

I'm turning 25 and dammit, I want a big-ass party. There's a shit-ton of room now, and I think there should be happy people filling it. Come, hang out, play games, torture the cat a little.

This is a potluck-type deal here, since I can't barely feed myself as it is. So it's BYOWhatever you want to bring. Amy has already taken a vote on cake, and is in charge of THAT particular monstrosity.

In a pickle, as it were

So I find myself in the sudden need for a roommate (or two perhaps), though this was not in my original plans. Carl got hired up in DC and is suddenly moving out next month. This leaves me with an empty room (or two if i put away the sewing crap) and a severely empty wallet. Seeing as how I still haven't been able to tie down some gainful employment, I've been panicking pretty much 24/7 as it was. Now I'm panicking while rowing down shit creek with with no paddle.

If you know anyone reasonable stable and/or sane that can pay rent, pleas send them to me. I have a three bedroom, with all kinds of fantastic amenities. (see here.)Plus a cat. With one person it would be 495 mo. plus utilities. Two roommates would be 331 mo. plus utilities. Pre-equipped with a fantastic kitchen, full living room, and A very desperate Megan.

Or if you know someone who might hire me despite my apparent DO NOT HIRE sign above my head.

Any love would be much appreciated, as my January is rapidly declining into a pile of suck.

Nothin closer than sisters

Literally JUST got back home. Flming was exhausting and crazy and all kinds of entertaining. Pictures loaded up on Flickr.

Enjoy them while I am comatose for a good 24-36 hours.

Begone, foul beast

Heading off to the west tomorrow to be a filmin' a movie. Should be back on the 16th or shortly thereafter. Communication unknown. If you get my voice mail, please don't just hangup. I hate that. Leave a damn message.

Upon my return? Epic Thanksgiving plans.


That is all.


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A photo-meme i can almost get behind

* Take a picture of yourself right now.
* Don’t change your clothes.
* Don’t fix your hair
* Just take a picture.
* Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don’t go posting an eight megapixel image.)
* Include these instructions.

This is my morning-why-did-I-get-bangs-again? face. And more reasons I should only take pictures when I've had a chance to pretty up and actually wear makeup.